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  ChiIsland.Com :: Chi Health Machine

Since 1990, over one million Chi Machine have been sold worldwide. People are using chi health machines daily to improve their health and sense of well being. By increasing their oxygen levels with this remarkable method of passive aerobic exercise, people can enjoy truly healthy lifestyle. Lack of exercise, emotional stress and largely sedentary lifestyles contribute to chronically low levels of oxygen in our cells. Low oxygen levels leave us feeling tired and depleted. Also, bacteria, viruses, parasites and malignant tumors all thrive in a low oxygen environment. In addition to helping increase your oxygen level, chi health machines can exercise and tone your whole body. And they are simple and fun to use!

  Chi Health Machine
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Chi Health Energizer  CM3
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Chi Health Energizer CM3
SKU: 66789013

Chi Health Energizer CM3, Improved Chi Machine

Market price: US$239.00
Our price: US$235.00, save 2%

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Chi Health Flow CY  CM4
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Chi Health Flow CY CM4
SKU: 66789014

Chi Health Flow CY CM4, Improved Chi Machine

Market price: US$269.00
Our price: US$245.00, save 9%

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Chi Health Harmony  CM5
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Chi Health Harmony CM5
SKU: 66789015

Chi Health Harmony CM5, Improved Chi Machine

Market price: US$599.00
Our price: US$510.00, save 15%

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Chi Health Shaker  CM1
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Chi Health Shaker CM1
SKU: 66789011

Chi Health Shaker CM1, Improved Chi Health Machine

Our price: US$189.00

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Chi Health Swing  CM2
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Chi Health Swing CM2
SKU: 66789012

Chi Health Swing CM2, Improved Chi Machine

Our price: US$125.00

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Chi Swing Exerciser DS88
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Chi Swing Exerciser DS88

Chi Health Machine - Improved Chi Machine

Market price: US$119.00
Our price: US$99.00, save 17%

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