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Neck Soft NT5B-M (with MAGNET)  Neck Soft NT5B-M (with MAGNET)

Anatomically corrects traction safely
Comfortably supports head and neck
Supports normal curvature of cervical spine
Gentle traction release
Exerts force evenly and gently
Material: 3 Layers Soft Textile Covering
Pro: Three tubes for different layers
**In addition to stretching and supporting your neck, the BioMagnet neck traction device has a small but strong magnet to give you benefits of magnetic therapy. The inner magnet can assist in improving circulation in the neck and enhance the body’s healing power. The effectiveness of the neck traction device is enhanced with the inner magnet to give neck pain sufferers greater relief!
**Although magnet therapy may help relieve pain and discomfort, a medical doctor should always be consulted before using any type of magnet therapy especially if you have a serious condition. If you have a pacemaker, you should not be using the neck traction device with magnet.

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